Al Fine are a quartet of classically trained musicians, whose musical endeavours began at a very young age.

Their bows bring to life classical string quartet pieces and covers of classical music gems, yet they also don’t shy away from lighter musical genres and spice up their repertoire with selected pieces of dance music, movie scores, rock and pop hits, and Slovenian evergreens.

No member of the quartet felt that finishing their studies for their selected instruments at the Ljubljana Music Academy meant the end of their academic career. They each took additional courses, honed their craft in one way or another, racked up miles as solo artists and members of chamber ensembles and orchestras, and took up teaching.

In 2017, the artists decided to join forces and create Al Fine (meaning “until the end”), as they believe that the road leading to the end can be made much more interesting, colourful and rewarding if they walk it together. Together they play and create music, look for the best sound and idea; together they navigate the road to the end and pay forward the special force of music – the force to set free emotions, bring back memories and give rise to ideas, and make as more human in the end.

Even if the road is not always pleasant, they draw their courage and motivation from the belief that as long as they act as ‘one for all and all for one’, everything will be fine in the end. Al fine – All Fine.

Al Fine string quartet

  • Urška Trček Lenarčič, first violin
  • Neža Piry, second violin
  • Peter Kranjec, viola
  • Urša Kržič, cello