Just Friends Quartet

Just Friends Quartet are a classic, traditionally-oriented jazz combo ensemble, who play and create new renditions of sounds and pieces played by the quartets featuring the legendary saxophone player Sonny Rollins from the 1950’s. Last year, the quartet released a record entitled Sitting in the shade that features original music by pianist Marko Petrušič. They upgraded their repertoire of pre-arranged jazz standards with original music created in the traditional jazz spirit. They regard tradition as a bottomless well of inspiration, as it can be a source of discovery and reinterpretation of the most essential elements that give jazz music its distinct sound – rhythmic drive, harmony structures, and the fusion of the sounds of different instruments into a compact mixture of sound.

Just Friends Quartet

  • Marko Petrušič, piano
  • Bojan Volk, saxophone
  • Nikola Matošič, double bass
  • Uroš Nemanič, drums



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