Little Lara wakes up

Triglav Stage | for children | dance performance
  • 10.30 - 11.30
  • City park
  • Admission free.

A piece of ballet fairy tale that goes straight to the heart.

We chose the gentle tale Little Lara Wakes Up from the year-end performance The Little Prince and Little Lara. After being woken up by her sisters, the lively and inquisitive little Lara wishes nothing more but to meet the Little Prince. 

Association Ballet Fairy Tale

  • Mentor: Lea Sitar
  • dancers: Iza Taškar Beloglavec, Taja Ribič, Julija Stich, Lia Bele, Majda Mujkič, Mia Plej, Svit Volčanšek, Ajda Hiti and Zorja Dobaj.


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