• 10.30 - 11.30
  • City park
  • Admission free.

A mixture of playful choreographies created by the dancers themselves.

Dancers use their ideas to craft playful sequences of movements, each carrying their own message and content, and combine them to create a dance puzzle entitled the Dance-About. They let their imagination roam free through games, sounds and music, so they can turn into whatever they please. 

In the piece OhAiHey … When the Cat’s Away they explore the rhythm of words, play with rhyme and use their movements to create without a music score. Hush … Don’t Make Me Blush is an exploration of different sounds produced by the artists themselves. Each sound gives rise to a different association that the young dancers develop by filling them with movement and content and have a blast doing it.

From the First Breath to Out of Breath is a dance piece based on the miracle that is life. What starts off as a tiny, invisible cell, develops into a miracle of nature, human being, the world. All we do is rush and wish for more and more … we mercilessly exploit nature, destroy it even … we can feel it is tired, out of breath. Will we be able to understand the vital message when told through dance?


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