Tetkine radosti


Dress code: dance shoes!

Tetkine Radosti – the best non-Balkan Balkan party there is!

The nephews of our favourite auntie need no introduction to the Maribor audience. A couple of years ago, the three youngsters began their quest through the music box of the nostalgic 60’s, 70’s and 80’s of our former motherland and dug up a ton of golden funk, precious soul, silver evergreens, bronze disco and diamond hippie music. We can listen to these antique relics on Friday, 28 June, when Minoriti will be filled with the sound and voices of Josipa Lisac, Darko Domijan, Oto Pestner,  Zdenka Kovačiček, September, Tihomir Pop Asanović, Ljupka Dimitrovska and many more.

Dress code: dance shoes!

  • Tetkine radosti



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