Lorca, ti in jaz

Lorca, ti in jaz (‘Lorca, You and I) is a blend of poetry, music and dance originating from the Roma regions in Spain, the Balkans and Eastern Europe, created by Slovenian vocalist and musician Katja Šulc and flamenco dancer Urska Centa. They are joined on double bass by acclaimed jazz musician Robert Jukič.

The project is inspired by the poet for whom the Roma is ‘the highest, the deepest and the most aristocratic in my country’. The authors explore the rich cultural tradition of Roma people and give it a contemporary twist. The repertoire includes poetry by Lorca, Sor Juane Inés de la Cruz, Papuzsa, Rajko Djurić, contemporary Romani poets from the Balkans and Eastern Europe, and a few traditional Romani songs given a different coating.

This unique combination of dance, music and poetry draws upon the mysteriousness of Roma symbolic, the primeval spirit, fate, duende. The project was inspired from the Romani woman, an image of eternal fascination and contradiction, an archetype that tests the limits, own expectations and the expectations of others, ideals, and who defies at the same time stereotypes, machismo and chauvinism, all while living her passion and beauty.

Lorca, ti in jaz

  • Katja Šulc, vocals
  • Urška Centa, dance, palmas
  • Robert Jukič, double bass



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