Samo Šalamon & Takt Ars guitar orchestra & Igor Matković, Daniel Marinič, Nino Mureškič, Denis Jančič

Triglav Stage | music | concert
  • 19.30 - 20.30
  • City park
  • Admission free.

The fourth incarnation of Šalamon’s guitar orchestra (that premiered at Festival Lent and in a re-run at National Hall in 2016) that surpasses all that came before it!

This 28-member guitar orchestra line-up presents 5 new compositions and 2 older songs that were released on the record Takt Ars Suite in 2017. Never mind the 24 guitar players, joining them on the Triglav Stage will be a new trumpet soloist – Igor Matković, one of the best Slovenian jazz trumpet players of the last few years. To make sure the orchestra flies out to another dimension, Šalamon brought in Daniel Marinič on accordion and Nino Mureškič on percussion. Takt Ars Orchestra are: Pia Zala Meden and Erik Vuga on bass, and Niki Fišer, Urban Kolarič, Jure Gračner, Jakob Podlesek, Jaka Topič, Adrian Čurin, Timotej Lubej, Bine Zgaga, Tine Gergič, Primož Perko, Alja Rojko, Ana Blažič, Aleksej Čosič, Marko Vaupotič, Mojca Gumzer, Gašper Drev, Tine Mihailovič Krpan, Nace Preglav, Til Trinkaus, Zoja Mlakar and Andrej Pec on acoustic and electric guitar.

A word or two on Samo Šalamon: “The brilliant guitar player Samo Šalamon is one of the most creative and prolific artists in the world. He released 20 records, all of which are incredibly original and innovative … fresh ideas and an excellent feel for music!” (Allmusic, USA 2017)

“All-round, surprising, adventurous, systematic, rhythmically complex and precisely crafted, melodically susceptible and aesthetic. In short: a must listen!” (Jazzzeitung, Germany 2017).

Takt Ars orkester and Samo Šalamon - band leader
Igor Matković, trumpet
Daniel Marinič, accordion
Denis Jančič, drums
Nino Mureškič, percussion



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