Rachel Gutgarts: A Love Letter to the One I Made Up (ISR)

K18 | other | film
  • 21.00 - 23.59
  • Gallery K18
  • Admission free.

A Love Letter to the One I Made Up/ Ljubezensko pismo za izmišljeno osebo/ Michtav ahava le’bahur she’hemtzeti/ מכתב אהבה לבחור שהמצאתי  

Rachel Gutgarts (Bezalel Academy)

2017, ISR, 6'05''

A lonely walk home is intertwined with an underwater fantasy world. The combination between reality and fantasy is portrayed in a love letter addressed to an imaginary "perfect" man. The film is made with a unique technique of screen-printed animation. StopTrik 2018 Students Jury Borderlands Award.

StopTrik Festival PMM



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