Fête de la musique: Kontra kvartet

The acoustic Kontra Quartet are one of the few Slovenian bands that play traditional klezmer music. Klezmer, the jovial musical tradition of the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe, is a crowd favourite wherever it is played due to its upbeat nature and gypsy-like spirit.

Klezmer ensembles have always held one of the most important roles in Jewish culture, as they were on hand for all important festive events such as weddings and other celebrations.

Klezmer music was played by professional musicians called klezmorim; the main characteristic of this musical tradition are its liveliness, expressive melodies, sensuality, and unbridled joy. Klezmer is also a very dramatic style of music, filled with passion and melancholy; in fact, drama is its omnipresent feature. Similar to gypsy music, klezmer never leaves the audience indifferent, and it is in this very manner that Kontra Quartet recreate this passionate genre that has secured an eternal spot in the hearts of the people.  

Kontra kvartet

  • Vesna Čobal, violin
  • Daniel Marinič, accordion
  • Branko Smrtnik, double bass
  • Domen Marn, clarinet


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