Marina & The Kats (AUT)

“Swing*swing*swing” is the motto of the band Marina & The Kats, whose lively music will get anyone in a good mood in no time!

    The band is led by Marina Zettl, the loveable singer with an amazingly charming and flexible voice. She often uses the special jazz signing technique ‘scat’ that mimics a solo instrument – and does so with incredible ease! What makes Marina even more special and awe-inspiring is that she plays the snare drum with two broomsticks while singing and thus makes sure the band’s rhythm is on par.

    With their stage presence and natural performance, this well-oiled swing machine from Vienna evokes memories of the golden age of swing and the likes of Django Reinhardt and Cab Calloway.

    Their music is full of fiery tempo, smouldering gypsy guitars, charming melodies and overtone singing, all of which will turn any old shoes into dancing shoes.

    In just three years of playing together Marina & The Kats have already won over numerous music critics, and everyone agrees that the band are on the fast track to becoming on of the greatest European music stars.

    So far, the band have release three albums; the debut record Small from 2016 was soon followed by Wild, and their latest record Swingsalabim made it to the very top of Austrian jazz charts.

    Marina & The Kats

    • Marina Zettl, vocals & snare
    • Thomas Mauerhofer, acoustic guitar & vocals
    • Peter Schoenbauer, electric bass, bass drum & vocals
    • Harald Baumgartner, acoustinc guitar, percussion & vocals



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