Mangroove (CRO)

Mangroove are about to present their latest album Srce (‘Heart’), which all music critics in Croatia call one of the best records of 2018.

The band was founded fifteen years ago by singer and songwriter Željka and her life partner Toni Toni Starešinić, who’s known in Croatia as an artist of immense talent and creativity and an amazing composer. The music of Mangroove is refined and intelligent pop that Toni, a jazzer at heart, embellished with a colourful collage of other genres and musical approaches such as acid-jazz, neo-soul, funk, dance, and electro.

Mangroove have so far released four albums, three of which were nominated for the Porin music award in the best club music category. Their latest record Srce was extensively covered by the media and got rave reviews and praise from music critics.


  • Luka Čapeta - vocals, guitar
  • Toni Starešinić - keyboards
  • Leo Beslać - flavta, keyboards
  • Silvio Bočić – drums



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