​​​​​​​Wonderful Survival


Wonderful Survival is a performance, that researches the beauty of human vulnerability, tests personal limits and challenges us, to leave behind our comfort and take a journey into the unknown reaches of our potential.

What can the body do? What can the mind take? 
How does the body and mind change through extreme exhaustion?

 How does it adapt and better itself?  What's the easiest way to beat our hurdles? 
 Are we prepared to leave our old self behind, and move to a new level? How much are we prepared to expose ourselves? How much are we willing to sacrifice?

When we move boundaries, were vulnerable, were in unknown territory. We have to foresee the consequences and continue on, but we still don't know what we are getting ourselves into. 
We know this though, that in front of us there lies something beautiful, which would be a waste to keep undiscovered.

At the end of it all - aren't we all vulnerable and uncertain, but despite that fact, we still try with all our hearts, to be human?

Š.I.K. – Študijski Izbin Kolektiv, is a group of the most promising dancers of Plesna Izba Maribor, who acts as a project in which young dancers gain full-time experience of continuous regular dance ensemble, as well as gain insight into the very process of work that is needed for the emergence of a full-length dance performance, where it is essential to enable them to experience a complete artistic process leading to the creation of a dance performance.

April Veselko is a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher who started her dance education at Plesna izba Maribor. In 2016 she finished her internationally trained Dance's Start Up - Leggere Strutture Art Factory, Bologna in Italy and in 2018 MoDem PRO program under the auspices of company Zappalà Danza in Catania, Sicily. She has created several copyright projects under the production of the Federation Institute (Doubles - 2010, Ostro and Slano - 2012, Flash - 2017), KD Center Plesa Maribor (Birches - 2018) and the Pubblico Scenario (Dream Room - 2018).

  • Concept: April Veselko
  • Choreography by: April Veselko v sodelovanju s plesalkami Š.I.K.
  • Performed by: Študijski Izbin Kolektiv – Š.I.K.: Vanja Kolanovič, Jasha Robnik, Anja Spasovski, Nadja Spasovski, Vita Trantura, Nika Zidar
  • Artistic direction: Nina Milin
  • Graphic design: Robert Veselko
  • Executive production:  Živa Vrbič
  • Produced by:  Plesna izba Maribor
  • Supported by: Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities,  Municipality of Maribor


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