Drummer, guitar player and composer Bor Zakonjšek (Moonlight Sky, CikCak, Yanu, Nezaslišano!) is presenting his new band, whose sound is based on Afrobeat, funk and blues.

Aside from Bor, the robust rhythmic foundation of the band is upheld by the excellent bass player Aljoša Struga who is no stranger to jazz. Melodies and solos galore are brought by the energetic saxophone player Jasna Kmetec and the amazing guitar player Julijan Erič, both members of the band Prismojeni profesorji bluza.

BorZ are a bout of fresh air on the Slovenian music scene, and are quickly winning over Slovenian concert-goers far and wide.


  • Jasna Kmetec, tenor saxophone
  • Juiljan Erič, guitar
  • Aljoša Struga, electric bass
  • Bor Zakonjšek, drums



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