Tango in the park

Triglav Stage | music | concert, dance
  • 19.30 - 20.30
  • City park
  • Admission free.

Tango is more than just a dance. Tango is a feeling, a story told in a single touch between two souls and bodies.

MaTango brings together and connects experienced and amateur Argentinian tango dancers from Maribor and the greater Maribor area, with the aim to preserve, develop and spread the popularity of this dance, which truly is more than just a dance. Dance lessons, courses, festivals, workshops with local and foreign dancing masters, and milongas is where numerous tangueros meet to share their love of storytelling through sensuous movements by two dancers who move as one. There are no codified dance moves in Argentinian tango; everything that the couple agree on without words goes. The male implies and invites, the female complies, rhythm and music inspire them both.

Together at Triglav Stage to wreak havoc and spit fire – MaTango, Matjaž Balažic, Timi Krajnc in Matjaž Antončič.

  • Matango 
  • Matjaž Balažic, accordion
  • Timi Krajnc, guitar
  • Matjaž Antončič, violin



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