Prlekija Cabaret Kisla žüpa

KGB | music | concert
  • 22.00 - 23.30
  • KGB Club
  • Admission free.

A Prlek is a man of the earth, always smiling, always playful, always melancholic. Head over in heels in love with his vineyards and his fellow people. The proverbial common sense, which the Prlekija region has been exporting into the world for centuries, is the reason why Prlekija has been dubbed “the Athens of Slovenia”, as many Prleks are rightfully considered some of the greatest persons in Slovenian and world history.

Kisla žüpa is a Prlekija cabaret. A kaleidoscope of words, songs and tastes. It is a performance to laugh at, to listen to words of wisdom and truth, and, sometimes, to pause with sadness and contempt of this life of ours, which is definitely too short to be someone we’re not. All this and more, topped up with homemade bread, lard and onions, and rounded up with a glass of wine.

Something for everyone!



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