Spring - Slovenian Evergreens

Triglav Stage | music | concert
  • 19.30 - 20.30
  • City park
  • Admission free.

“Call on me sometime with a fire in your eyes …”, come to see my smile in the evening sky.

Spring are all those platinum evergreens from the golden age of Slovenian song that we never seem to get out of our heads whenever we are happy, in love or feel immortal.The ‘Pomlad’ mixed choir led by choir master Alenka Podpečan will take you down memory lane with ‘Ne čakaj na maj’, ‘Čez šuštarski most’, ‘Kako sva si različna’, ‘Cifra mož’, ‘Mini maxi’, ‘Življenje je vrtiljak’, ‘Zemlja pleše’, ‘Nora misel’, ‘Poletna noč’ … hot summer nights!



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