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Oh, how romantic!

Fireworks are a spectacle of sights and sounds. Bursting shapes of light, colouring our sky with pulsing lights, stars, the Moon. Flashes of recognizable silhouettes of the town seen in a new light
and reflected in the Drava river, catching our eye for only a moment – and staying in our hearts forever.

Fireworks are to Festival Lent what the festival is to the town – a symbol, a festive display of colour and darkness from which the light finally emerges victorious. A symbol of magical creativity that makes the region, town and Festival Lent the centre of gravity for ideas that bring and maintain hope for a better future and faith in the creativity of people.

This is why the sky over Maribor will be painted with colours by one festival fireworks display, on the last Saturday in June, marking the end of the festival, launched from the Old Bridge.



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