Mercato del vago (ITA) ● Nikki Louder ● Body Says No


Mercato del Vago are a trio in which Giulia takes care of the vocal lines, puts together the concept and a scenario to match, whereby Paso and Mario follow the lead of the lyrics by topping them up with instrumental lines that echo the words in an amazing display of melodies and force. Their lyrics speak of their fears as well as pleasures, and give an illusion-free account of the modern world and the humanity that defines it.

Born and raised in Ravenna, Italia, members of Mercato del Vago met in 2012, each arriving from a different musical direction. Ever since their beginning, they’ve been building their music on their differences and successfully pushing the boundaries of electro, blues, rock and folk music and poetry. After extensive touring and numerous live gigs in which they played songs from their first two albums Tempi (2012) and 11 Storie al confine (2014), they are now working on their third record Fatti e apparenze that will bring a brand new and fresh musical style.

Mercato del vago



Nikki Louder are a chaotic noise rock trio from the vicinity of Kamnik who have played over 150 gigs across the former Yugoslavia and several tours across Central Europe and Great Britain. Considering their four LPs and their intensive, chaotic and thundering playing style, it is safe to crown them the champions of Slovenian noise rock.

The band are known for their punching and uncompromising style – they rattle the audience with quick and raw bursts of energy powered by banging drums and forceful guitar sounds, which pause only for the briefest of moments at the turn of a melody, just like a quick breather, only to restart with new speaker-tearing thunder. Piercing vocals that are constantly on the razor’s edge between articulate speech and screaming are just the cherry on top that brings the full musical picture into the front and centre. Nikki Louder offer a chaotic hardcore/math-core/noise experience, which, despite the plethora of different influences, sounds like a compact and well-rounded whole. And this is what separates the truly great bands from the pack. Impressive!

Nikki Louder



The band Body Says No was founded in 2016 in Ljubljana by Enej Mavsar (vocals, guitar), Blaž Kocina (drums) and Jošt Drašler (bass). In early 2018, they began working on their first studio album and played their first gig in Trieste. In autumn of 2018, the band were reinforced by Martin Ukmar on guitar and keyboards.

Body Says No released their first EP in December 2018 entitled 3 songs under the watchful eye of Robi Bulešič at the BearTracks studio in Kočevje. The full record is available in digital format from Bandcamp. The band shot a video for their first single Hatch, directed by Matej Čebulec.

Body Says No play original music with English lyrics driven by underground rock genres (noise rock, post-punk, Americana, stoner rock...). The band members hail from Krško, Sežana and Bistrica ob Sotli, and also play (or have played) in the bands Karmakoma, Low peak Charlie, Tovariš Strmoglavljen, Zmajev rep, Akami, Suzi Soprano, MeduzaleM, and theLIFT.

Body Says No

  • Enej Mavsar, vocals, guitar
  • Blaž Kocina, drums
  • Jošt Drašler, bass



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