Kalu & The Gradient

The kind of joy that makes your body and soul dance, without exceptions!

Luka Uršič’s project KALU and his debut album Get Well Soon (2018) (on which the 6-member band of young and promising artists The Gradient came through to support the final stages of the production) takes us on a skilfully crafted journey through vocal-instrumental melodic bits with his jams, funk, soul and R&B groove improvisations, where analogue and digital music sets and lucid dance music-inspired twists and turns in the arrangements are perfectly complemented with an organic ‘band dimension’.

Luka Uršič is a master of numerous artistic disciplines; as a trained artist, he’s into illustrations, spatial installations, performing arts and sound design. He played the piano and was an occasional vocalist in music collectives such as Your Gay Thoughts and Lo-hi-fi. His collabs include multidimensional projects with Polona Kasal, multidisciplinary artist Jaša, and musicians Katja Šulc and Bowrain. Before all that, he was a member of the band Not Exactly Lost and part of the electro music collective Leftfinger.

This is an event you definitely should not miss! Come and see live at Festival Lent why the magazine Mladina and the radio station Val 202 ranked Get Well Soon, the first long-play production of Kalu & The Gradient, among the best Slovenian releases in 2018. No matter your music preference, the only way to respond to this little night music comprised of laid-back clubbing electro and subtle pop is pure joy. The kind of joy that makes your body and soul dance, without exceptions!

Kalu & The Gradient

  • Luka Uršič, vocals and keyboards
  • Jera Topolovec, vocals and keyboards
  • Manca Krivec, saxophone
  • Jaka Predalič, electric guitar
  • Timon Kokalj, bass guitar
  • Jan Kmet, drums and percussion
  • Simon Bezek, drums and percussion



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