Jazz Podium 3: Jimmy Barka Experience

The unique project Jimmy Barka Experience is the brainchild of three veterans on the Slovenian music scene by which they try to navigate all the traps of what everyone has come to expect from the standard DJ/music collabs and get-togethers.

They prefer to tackle their music as a combo, working as a well-oiled machine with equal roles and tasks. This way they create a collage of diverse tunes, ranging from funk, break, afro, all the way to Balkan pastiche and rock. Their pieces are born from sometimes raw and other times finely tuned assembly of pieces, fragments or samples, creating a wild mosaic of head-spinning dynamic and unpredictable twists and turns.

Jimmy Barka Experience

Marjan Stanič, drums, percussion
DJ Bakto, turntables, electronics
DJ Borka, turntables, electronics



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