Janez Dovč & Sounds of Slovenia

Pod umetniškim vodstvom harmonikarja in skladatelja Janeza Dovča glasbenice in glasbeniki predstavljajo slovensko ljudsko izročilo v sodobnih in živih priredbah.

Under the artistic leadership of accordion player and composer Janez Dovč, these artists bring back to life the Slovenian musical heritage as contemporary and lively renditions. The musicians have developed a distinct feeling for the counterpoint between the endowment of various musical traditions and the freedom of personal expression. The end of the New Age is more than simply about renaissance, but rather the resonance of space, not only sonority, but rather harmony, not only advertising, but rather the need to tune in.

Folk music is a memory of the distant past, an echo of space that carries within the diversity of Slovene regions. This concert aims to show the diverse riches and the importance of diversity, not only in a cultural, but also in the commercial and political sense.  

During their 12-year tenure, Sounds of Slovenia have appeared in numerous venues at home and abroad. In this year’s offering, these excellent artists will appear with a new programme that consists of musical arrangements carrying an acoustic, vocal and electronic note.

Sounds of Slovenia

Metod Banko, vocals
Marino Kranjac, vocals, violin, bagpipes, tenor mandola, mandolin, sopile
Klemen Kotar, saxophones, keyboards
Boštjan Gombač, vocals, clarinet, flutes, sound props
Gregor Volk, guitar, vocals
Gašper Kržmanc, guitars
Goran Krmac, tuba, bass, electronics
Kristijan Krajnčan, drums, percussion, cello
Petra Vidmar, marimba, percussion
Janez Dovč, accordion, keyboards, electronics
Maroltovke Vocal Group



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