Goran Bojčevski Quartet

Goran Bojčevski earned his master’s degree in clarinet with top honours at the famous Salzburg Mozarteum in the class of world-renowned professor Alois Brandhofer. The online forum answers.com lists him as one of the top clarinet players in the world.

Goran is also a composer, writes music for film, advertisements, and ballet, and wrote a feature suite Balkanski portreti (‘Balkan Portraits’) that he recorded with the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra. Goran is rightfully proud of having his pieces performed at various universities across the world, including the Salzburg Mozarteum.

Goran is the founder of the new music genre balkan nuevo that is based on his Balkan roots. He often modernizes the traditional Balkan sounds with elements of classical and tango music.

Goran Bojčevski Quartet

  • Goran Bojčevski, clarinet
  • Jani Sever, keyboards
  • Jošt Lampret, double bass
  • Žiga Kožar, drums



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