Želja po kakavu

KGB | music | concert
  • 23.00 - 00.30
  • KGB Club
  • Admission free.

A five-member rock band, full of energy and heaps of interesting ideas.

Today’s world is all about electronic music while rock, metal, punk, etc. are slowly fading into oblivion. This is why the band Želja po kakavu wish to bring back the true, old rock music to today’s society, the type of rock music people can jump, dance, sing and have fun to, and the kind that leaves a big smile on their faces when they are leaving after the show.

As the band was founded fairly recently, they play mostly covers of well-known rock songs and have only recently begun dabbling in original music. The fellas like to spice up their gigs with a bit of show, too.

Želja po kakavu

  • Alex Želj, lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Sani Smajić, drums, percussion
  • Blaž Pridgar, backing vocals, bass
  • Jaka Kunst, guitar
  • Marko Baklan, keyboards, other artefacts



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