DJ Saturday Simon

The Party after party!

There’s surely nary a person nowadays who hadn’t heard of artists who proclaim themselves DJs. And there is most likely nary a person who hadn’t seen at least one performance by one of these artists. But there’s playing pre-recorded music, and then there’s earning the title of DJ. Getting people to dance and to reach ecstasy is an art form, regardless of whether you’re DJing at home or addressing a several thousand people-deep crowd.

Judging from his skills and the volumes upon volumes of decibels he has shot through speakers far and wide, Saturday Simon is definitely one of those individuals who are fluent in this art form, and could quite easily be dubbed one of the pioneers of the Slovenian DJ scene. His preference are positive, yet hard and story-filled rhythms and he is a master of switching between all of them. He made a name for himself on club dance-floors across Spain, Greece, France, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Serbia and more. But there’s no place like home.

This time around, Simon is about to make us sweat with FUSIA.

Saturday Simon

Let yourself be carried away in the magical atrium of the centennial Žiče Mansion. Enjoy the after parties that offer audacious rhythms spun by popular DJs, and let yourself be pampered by professional barmen who will concoct a drink of your choice from the well-stocked mansion bar. Doors to the atrium open at 21.00 and lead the way to seductive and sensuous parties that go on late into the night.

Admission: Lenta pass or 5 € drink minimum.


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