Buena banda (AUT, BRA, ITA, UKR)

KGB | music | concert
  • 23.00 - 00.30
  • KGB Club
  • Admission free.

Buena Banda – this is power, this is energy, this is show! Power-brass, pop, funk, hip-hop, New Orleans street style!

Buena Banda are seven passionate artists who play an explosive mixture of jazz, funk and hip-hop straight outta New Orleans. Band members hail from Austria, Italy, Brazil, Croatia and the Ukraine, and they all met at the Graz Jazz University. Since 2013 when they founded the band, they played hundreds of gigs in numerous countries. And their highlights just keep coming.

They’ve built up their performance into a thrilling live adventure – blazing trumpets, wailing saxophones, trombones pulsing with the stacking and impulsive beat of the drums, topped up with the earthy and deep-diving sound of the sousaphone. In line with their motto, Buena Banda bring light to our lives. Buena Banda stands for good mood and livelihood both for the audience and the artists. Buena Banda stands for a wonderful time and life! The strong, brassy sound of original music leads the rhythm, invites everyone to dance, gives you power to leap fires, and ends in magnificent brass fireworks!

Buena banda

  • Marko Šolman, trumpet
  • Dominic Pessl, trumpet
  • Nicolò Loro Ravenni, tenor saxophone
  • Oleksandr Ryndenko, baritone saxophone
  • Sascha Krobath, trombone
  • Georg Laller, sousaphone
  • Luis Carneiro de Oliveira, drums



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