A colourful mosaic of unforgettable experiences between 20 and 29 June!

That tingling sensation of excitement when the lights go on across the festival venues, painting the night sky in a hue of vibrant purple. A dreamlike scene when the movements of ballet dancers are reflected on the surface of the Drava river. The urban pulse when city streets are brimming with musicians and other artists. The centre of the world where folk dancers from all continents share the same stage. The musical riches when the stands thump and wave to the rhythms and sounds of popular, classical, jazz, rock music … Fiery palms when the bows of performing artists are greeted with thunderous applause. Family time in the green embrace of the city park that echoes the joyful shrieks of children. A taste of excellence when the air is filled with the aromas of gourmet dishes prepared by top-level Slovenian chefs. A time to get together, a time that turns acquaintances into friends.

This is Festival Lent. All this – and much more!

Festival Lent is a festival that opens up the city of Maribor to the world, turns city squares into stages and city streets into flowing rivers of visitors. Festival Lent is the festival of all festivals! Under its auspices, visitors are treated to the world-renowned international CIOFF® folklore festival Folkart, the international jazz music festival JazzLent, the street theatre festival Ana Desetnica, the festival of creativity and curiosity Art kamp, and the festival of Slovenian fine foods Sladolent. Festival Lent is the largest Slovenian open-air festivals and one of the largest in Europe. It is a festival with a nearly 30-year tradition and a well-recognized festival formula built on diversity, openness and inclusion. It is a festival whose multi-layered mix of culture, art, music, theatre, fine foods, and socializing speaks to visitors of all ages and tastes. It is much more than just a festival; it is an experience!

And this is exactly what Festival Lent 2019 will be like! Diverse and colourful, just like its new image, playful and tempting, just like the promise of the upcoming summer. A rich mosaic of rhythms and sounds, colours and tastes that makes the city come to life and invites everyone to come out in the open, onto the streets and squares, under green canopies in the city park, to the banks of the Drava river, among the stages and stands.

It is a warm and kind invitation to live a full and rich life, to get together and create, to discover and enjoy. Embrace it! Live it! Enjoy it! Go have yourself a Lent!