Festival Lent 2019 is unveiling the first two pieces to the puzzle of unforgettable experiences: live on stage in Maribor, get ready for Dubioza kolektiv and Umek.

The first festival evening – this time around on a Thursday – will surely be an unforgettable one, as the high-octane attraction Dubioza kolektiv are about to hit the Leon Štukelj Square on 20 June, their first appearance in Maribor after quite a few years. The band, founded 16 years ago in Bosnia and Herzegovina, won over the stages and hearts of the former home and native land, and made new fans at world-famous festival and stages over the past few years.

On 28 June, the second to last festival evening, get ready for the maiden appearance by the undisputed champion of the local techno scene, the world-famous artist and electro music producer of Slovenian descent; get ready for Umek at the Leon Štukelj Square! A unique experience even the most ardent Lent-goers have never seen or lived before. 

Aside from announcing the first two headlining surprises, we’re also announcing the old and trusty mainstay of the Lent Festival; the Lenta Festival Pass will be your companion in 2019 as well. The festival pass unlocks the gates of many festival venues for the entire 10(!) days of the Lent Festival, and is definitely the most affordable way to see, hear and take part in over 50 events. The price of the general admission festival pass is EUR 25 and only EUR 15 for students thanks to the support of Šoum (Student Organisation of the University of Maribor) and the Maribor National Hall. On top of this, only a Lenta can you get 40% off on all tickets for the Festival Lent highlights.

Tickets for this year’s headliners, Dubioza kolektiv and Umek, are already on sale. For Lenta pass holders, the price of a single ticket is EUR 15, and a single ticket without a Lenta pass is EUR 25.

All tickets are available at https://nd-mb.kupikarto.si/ and at the Maribor National Hall Box Office, open Monday through Friday 9.00 – 16.00, Wednesdays 9.00 – 17.00, and Saturdays 9.00 – 12.00.  

What else can you look for at the Festival Lent 2019?

We’re not ready to tell you just yet! But we will keep posting announcements of fun-filled and interesting events in the upcoming weeks that will surely spice up the hot Maribor summer. Follows us on Facebook and Instagram and keep checking our Lent website for more to come.